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Welcome To NANJING EFG CO., LTD. NANJING EFG.CO., LTD. has been created a brand focused in manufacturing waterproofing fiberglass and composit base since 2006. We started from single fiberglass tissue, while nowadays we are focused not only on fiberglass tissue, reinforced fiberglass tissue, FRP tissue, but also on polyester mat, spunbond polyester, reinforced polyester and fiberglass polyester composite bases more >>

Hot Products

    • Fiberglass Roofing Mat

      Fiberglass Roofing Mat

      Fiberglass roofing mat Fiberglass Roofing mat/tissue (fiberglass veil, fiberglass fleece) is produced from fiberglass chopped strands by wet lay-out process. This material features high tensile strength, corrosion resistance, easy soakage by bitumen, etc. The longitudinal strength and tear...

    • Fiberglass Surface Tissue

      Fiberglass Surface Tissue

      Fiberglass Surface Tissue (FRP surface Tissue) Fiberglass surface tissue is characterized as uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface and fast resin impregnation. It is mainly used as the surface layer of FRP products´╝î whose capability is ameliorated. It is capable of significantly improving the...