Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Fire Resistant Roof Insulation

Aluminum Foil Fiberglass Cloth Fire Resistant Roof Insulation

Insulation Panel Alu-coated Fiberglass Ins u lation Panel is made of wet-layout fiberglass mat surfaced with Aluminum Foil. Its key feature is that the mat has a surface of aluminum foil needled with some small holes. This structure allows the material good features of heat reservation, heat...

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Insulation Panel


Alu-coated Fiberglass Insulation Panel is made of wet-layout fiberglass mat surfaced with Aluminum Foil. Its key feature is that the mat has a surface of aluminum foil needled with some small holes. This structure allows the material good features of heat reservation, heat insulation, acoustic absorption and fire-proofing. All these features make the insulation panel an ideal material to decrease the loss of heat, improve the acoustics environment and keep the building safe from fire.

 Character:  Heat reservation,heat insulation , acoustic absorption , anti mildew, anti bacterium, moisture proofing, fire-resistant.

 Application: External wind tube, Ceiling, Sound absorption board, Pipe wrapping.

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