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Description High Alkaline Resistant Glass Textile Fiberglass Wallcovering applies various kinds of wall, including plaster, gypsum, cement, ceramic, brick, wood, etc. It makes you feel quiet and tasteful, warm and fragrant. It is widely used in a public place of entertainment, star-hotel,...

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High Alkaline Resistant Glass Textile Fiberglass Wallcovering applies various kinds of wall, including plaster, gypsum, cement, ceramic, brick, wood, etc. It makes you feel quiet and tasteful, warm and fragrant. It is widely used in a public place of entertainment, star-hotel, cinema, hospital, school, office building, and resident house, etc.


1. Better breathable performance, less mildew, excellent aging resistance, environmental protection, and non-toxic.

2. After PTFE impregnation, the surface is more professional and outstanding than PVC, non-woven fabric, PU, and other wallpapers in terms of scrubbing resistance, dust resistance, waterproof and anti-oil resistance.

3. In daily life, dirty handprints, footprints, oil stains, and other dirt that are difficult to clean on ordinary wallpaper can be wiped off with a wet cloth on glass fiber wallpaper, all of which are attributed to excellent self-cleaning performance.


Material: E-glass or C-glass

Color: white

Content:  70-80% Fiberglass + 20-30% Starch Adhesive

Construction: plain

Weight: 85-270g/sgm

Width: 1m

Roll length: 25-50meters



Home wall, TV background wall, furniture, shop family decoration, shop decoration, rental room decoration, college students dormitory decoration, cafe decoration, restaurant decoration, hotel decoration, office decoration, decoration company decoration, exhibition site simple decoration and other places.


It’s suitable for different occasions for inner wall decoration, such as hospital, school, hotel, residence, etc.
It’s becoming a more and more popular substitute for traditional decoration material due to its more incomparable advantages than normal PVC wallpaper and paint.





The high tensile strength of fiberglass can protect wall well by external force;

No toxic components, environment friendly; Variety of textures and beautiful looking;

Can be painted several times with a new sense.


Fire retardant function after combination with adhesive and paint on the wall.


A composite decoration material with natural fiberglass, adhesive, and coating, it is the real green material.


The freely breathing glass textile with unprecedented air permeability.


Protection against shocking, cracking, and insect biting with incomparable strength.


Even washing with water 10000 times, it still looks as original as a new appearance.


Accompanying the acidity and the alkalinity with repelling the corrupting influence.


Wallcovering has all kinds of patterns with an abundance of color, it can make rooms warmly and romantic and healthy, it has a special noble and elegant effect. And it can change color more than 5 times according to the host's different selection.




Classic series: 

 Elegant, generous plain textures, mostly classical and versatile series.


Fashion series:

 Various textures offer innovative designs allowing more options for decorating rooms with both a distinguished appearance and personal ambiance.


Illusion series: 

This is available in designs to give rooms a distinguished or cozy ambiance thanks to Jacquard weaving technology. 



How to install?

air-texturized fiberglass yarn woven into the fabric, then coated with special glue into wallcovering.




1m*25m or 1m*50m/roll
1 roll of paintable fiberglass wallcovering/wallpaper shrink package with both protection ends with the label;
11-14 rolls/big carton depends on different wallcovering items; 2 cartons/pallet
14 pallets/20'C

One 20'C can load around 25000m2 to 50000 m2 of fiberglass wallcovering depends on different items.

Different specifications are available as per the client's requirements.







1. What information you need before quote me the exact price?
A: Please kindly note that it will be better for you to provide me the information below:
-The width, area weight, mesh size, usage of the fiberglass tape, and something else.
-The quantity.
-The lead time you want.
We will calculate the good price based on the detailed information you provide. 

2. What's the payment term you accept?
A: Please kindly note that we accept various payment terms. E.g. T/T, LC. If you need help, please feel free to let us know.

3. Can I get some samples before putting in the order?
A: Sure, free samples are available for your reference. Any requirement, please feel free to let us know. :)



Our cooperation principle is "quality first, price reasonable, service sincere", at the same time, we adhere to the ideas of "ascend a height and far-sighted, constant innovation" and product quality continual improvement. We are willing to be the friends and bedstone of each customer with new technology and excellent quality to serve for wallpaper industry, and we sincerely welcome new and old friends from all walks of life to our company for business discussion and presence instruction.





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