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Application of SMC and DMC Materials Molded Products in Various Industries

At present, the quality of China's SMC materials and DMC materials has approached or reached the world's advanced level. With the increasing production technology of SMC and DMC, two kinds of molding compounds have been widely used in the fields of automobile, electric power, electric appliance, transportation, construction, petrochemical and so on.


1. In the automotive field


SMC materials and DMC materials have become the ideal materials for plastics to replace steel in the automotive industry due to their low processing energy consumption, low cost, large design freedom, good molding process, light weight, high strength and no corrosion. At present, the plastic parts used in China's automobiles mainly include: automobile bumper assembly, body front side panel, front radiator cover, water tank mask, intake pipe, engine, tappet chamber cover, trunk, spare wheel Warehouse, oil filter cover, vent valve assembly, etc. The authoritative department pointed out that during the "Ninth Five-Year Plan" period, China's automobile industry should vigorously apply FRP components. According to the current development forecast of the automobile industry, the demand for automotive SMC and DMC components in China will reach more than 6,000 2000 in 2000.


2. On the railway vehicle


Currently, SMC and DMC are mainly used in railway vehicles for vehicle window frames, sanitary components, seats, coffee table tops, compartment siding and roof panels. The Ministry of Railways had decided that since 1986, all new passenger cars have adopted SMC window frames. Due to the excellent electrical insulation of SMC materials and DMC materials, it will be more widely used in the growing electrified railway. At present, the traction rods of the electrified railway and the brackets of the subway transmission rails have adopted SMC materials and DMC materials.


3. In electrical, electronic and communication engineering


Due to the electrical insulation, specific strength, specific modulus and mold flexibility of SMC and DMC, it is an ideal processing material for electrical devices and components with high electrical performance, structural strength and light weight. Widely used in electrical enclosures, insulators, insulated operating tools, motor commutators, air switch bases and covers, high voltage switch cabinets, arc shields, arc chutes, printed circuit boards, explosion-proof telephone casings for coal mines, Electrical cable distributors and more. In addition, in recent years, due to the past, the epoxy glass cloth board has the defects of fire resistance, tracking index and arc resistance. Therefore, SMC and DMC sheets have been replaced by a large number of them, and the effect is very good. SMC and DMC sheets have become the replacement products of epoxy glass cloth sheets, which provides a good opportunity for the application of SMC and DMC. It is estimated that the domestic DMC production of DMC in 1999 was above 10,000 tons.


4. In construction engineering


Due to its dyeability, decorativeness, acid and alkali resistance and low moisture absorption, SMC and DMC have been used in the construction industry for high water tanks, sanitary wares, septic tanks, building slabs, etc. These products have begun to take shape in China. The amount of water tank alone is more than 400t/a.


5. In other applications


With the promotion of SMC and DMC, it is increasingly used in daily life. Most of the seats in China's new stadiums, waiting rooms, conference halls, restaurants and buses are molded with SMC materials and DMC materials. It is speculated that only this amount is also above 200t/a. In addition, chemical anti-corrosion, boat and water transportation, aerospace, aviation and military equipment, sports equipment, etc. also have a wide range of applications.


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Jul 29, 2020