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Grinding fibers

(1) Chopped strands Chopped strand chopped strand chopped strands and wet chopped strands. The former is used in the production of reinforced plastics, while the latter is used in papermaking. The chopped strands for glass steel are classified into two major categories, chopped strands for reinforcing thermosetting resins (BMC) and chopped strands for reinforcing thermoplastic resins. The requirements for reinforcing chopped strands for thermoplastics are the use of non-alkali glass fibers, which have high strength and good electrical insulating properties. The chopped strands have good bundling properties, good fluidity, and high whiteness. Reinforced thermosetting plastic chopped strands require good bunching properties, are easily saturated with resin, and have good mechanical strength and electrical properties.

(2) Grinding fiber The pulverized fiber is milled from a chopped fiber by a hammer mill or a ball mill. The milled fiber is mainly used as a reinforcing material in a reinforced reaction injection process (RRIM), and is used as a filler for a resin in the manufacture of castings, molds, and the like to improve surface cracking and reduce mold shrinkage, and can also be used as reinforcement. material.

Mar 30, 2018