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Introduction to the use of glass fiber mesh cloth

1. The preparation of polymer mortar must be handled by someone responsible to ensure the mixing quality.

2. Turn the lid counterclockwise to open it. Use a stirrer or other tool to re-stir the adhesive to avoid separation of the adhesive. Mix well to avoid quality problems.

3. The compounding ratio of the polymer mortar is: KL binder: 425# sulphoaluminate cement: sand (using 18 mesh sieve bottom): = 1:1.88:3.25 (weight ratio).

4. The cement and sand buckets are well-weighed and poured into the iron ash tank for mixing. After the mixing, the binder is added according to the mixing ratio, and the stirring is performed. The stirring must be uniform to avoid segregation and be porridge-like. According to workability, water may be added as appropriate.

5, water for concrete water.

6, polymer mortar should be used with the distribution, with a good polymer mortar in the best light within 1 hour. Polymer mortar should be placed in a cool place to avoid sunlight exposure.

7. Cut the mesh from the entire roll of fiberglass mesh to the required length and width in advance, leaving the necessary lap length or overlap length.

8, cut in a clean and flat place, the material must be accurate, cut mesh must be rolled up, not allowed to fold, not allowed to step on.

9. Reinforce the building at the corner of the building. The reinforcement layer should be attached to the innermost side, 150mm on each side.

10. When applying the first pass of the polymer mortar, the EPS board surface should be kept dry to remove the harmful substances or impurities of the board cotton.

Mar 30, 2018