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New Product The HFCP Reinforced Composite Sheet

See, our new products, it for automotives ,very useful and popular

The HFCP Reinforced Composite Sheet use PP fiber and glass fiber as the main raw materials, firstly been produced into composite mat by wet lay-out process or dry process. Then in next process, pressure the composite mat with high pressure and high temperature, the mat become sheets. This composite sheet has the advantages of low density, flame retardancy , high/low - temperature resistance, flexible and beautiful design, waterproofing, easy coating, high strength and low cost. Comparing to steel sheets or FRP boards, this composite board is characterized by light weight, impact resistance,  vibration resistance, thermal insulation, size stability, easy forming, acoustic absorption, no smell, anti mildew, good toughness, corrosion resistance, flexible and low price. The surface of the sheet can be selected according to the actual requirements of different surface coverings, such as: rubber film, barrier film, decoration, hard polypropylene film, non-woven cloth, reinforced material or no coverings.


Feb 19, 2021