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Car Cover Material (new Product)

Aug 16, 2021

EBA Coated Polyester Car Cover Material

car cover 3

Recently we have a new product: EBA Coated Polyester Car Cover Material

This item can be used as material for all kinds of car cover fabric.  It is polyester coated with EBA, UV. With characters of 

1): anti-dust

2): rain and snow, frost protection;

3): Resist UV damage to car paint, car interior, and tires.

4): A certain degree of heat insulation to prevent the temperature inside the car from being too high.

5): Avoid pedestrians or children using nails or knives to scratch the car paint.

6): It has a flame retardant effect to prevent fireworks and firecrackers from damaging the car.

7): Prevent thieves from stealing to a certain extent and avoid theft of items in the car.

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