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​Fiberglass Tissue For Underground Pipeline Wrapping

Sep 08, 2022

Fiberglass  tissue for underground pipeline wrapping 

Fiberglass yellow tissue uses thermosetting resin-based environmentally friendly binder to tightly bond the glass fibers with wet layout process and being reinforced by fiberglass yarn on machinery direction.

With the features of fireproof, color fixation, high strength, abrasion resistance, and effective control of fiber scattering, yellow fiberglass tissue provide excellent fire-retardant, noise-reducing, heat insulation effects. The yellow fiberglass tissue is widely used as the surface layer of the insulation board and also be used as ideal insulation material for steel pipes

fiberglass mineral board yellowfiberglass yellow tissue mineral board_Whole-Sale-Price-Fiberglass-Drywall-Tape-From-Direct-Manufacturer.webp